Autonomous vehicles at the Geneva International Motor Show

Autonomous vehicles at the Geneva International Motor Show
March 20, 2018 nschaetti

The Geneva International Motor Show is one of the biggest event in the car industry and this year a lot of companies were fighting to present their vision for the future of mobility. In this future, the autonomous vehicles is one of the most anticipated innovation and most companies have now R&D programs in this field. As a specialist in the field of Artificial Intelligence, I went to the GIMS with the desire to discover the new applications of my favorite scientific field to autonomous, green mobility, and human-computer interfaces applied to cars. I can now present you what the future is preparing for us.

Toyota : the 3 concepts models of the Concept-I family

Toyota presented it vision for the future of mobility with the Concept-I Family, composed of three autonomous, or semi-autonomous, electrical models. The Concept-I Walk an urban futuristic vehicle intended for pedestrians. With an autonomy between 10 and 20 kms, it uses the movements of the user to move forward or turn and is intended for location in urban area.


The original Concept-I model, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in January, is an intelligent, continually learning car. It is designed to learn your needs, anticipate them and to communicate with you through a personal car assistant named “Yui”. Yui uses AI methods to consider and execute instructions given by the user. The Concept-I has complete autonomous capabilities and can detect your emotional state, thanks to biometric sensors arranged all over the cockpit. With its on-board artificial intelligence, the Concept-I will be able to analyse your feelings and detect, for example, a lack of attention or great fatigue, make a recommandation and drive you safely home if necessary.

The decoration of the interior is a nice white with green lights, glidings and an elegant exterior design. The cockpit is designed to interact with the passengers using light, sound and event touch to communicate information like manual or autonomous mode, or with a single 3D wide-screen head-up display at the front. The exterior is also design to communicate, but with its environment by expressing emotions (winks).


Finally, the Concept-I Ride is a urban vehicle that looks like a futuristic Smart which use Artificial Intelligence to maneuver autonomously. According to Toyota, it has an autonomy between 100 and 150 kms with one charge.


Volkswagen : a complete family of autonomous vehicles for 2030

Volkswagen presented its family of intelligent and autonomous car for the year 2030 named ID. The ID Vizion is the newcomer to this family of concept cars ID representing Volkswagen’s vision for the future of mobility. A first semi-autonomous model will be available in 2022 the his completely autonomous version in 2030.


The Concept ID Buzz is the descendant of the original T2 with a 100% electric propulsion. It will adopt the new technology of gestual and vocal commands, and a retractable steering wheel when it goes into autonomous mode.

Finally, the ID Concept is an autonomous monospace with a 100% electric propulsion with an autonomy between 400 and 600 kms for a charging time at 80% estimated to 30 minutes.

Renault presents the future of autonomous shuttle

Renault presented the EZ-GO (Easy Go) Concept, an autonomous shuttle which can accommodate six passengers and having vocation to serve as public transport. This autonomous taxi will be able to manage alone all the parameters of a complete path and thanks to a mobile application, the users will be able to order an EZ-GO for an urban journey.


You can speak now to your new Mercedes-Benz Class A (even in Swiss German)

Mercredes introduced the new Class A with voice commands (even working with Swiss German) to interact with the car and a new multimedia system named MBUX.

The Goodyear’s green tire

Goodyear presented “Oxygen”. A next-generation of trill, printed in 3D and able to improve air quality thanks to its vegetable moss and photosynthesis.

The Hyundai Intelligent Cockpit

Finally, Hyundai presented its Intelligent Personal Cockpit mixing artificial intelligence, internet of objects, stress detection, voice commands and house objects management directly from the cockpit.

Nils Schaetti is a doctoral researcher in Switzerland specialised in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


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